If you are Buying, you will need:

  • A certified or bank check for closing funds of $1,000 or more made payable to you or First Title Agency. The exact amount of the funds needed may not be available until several hours before closing. However, our closing staff will contact you as soon as that figure is available. A good estimate can be determined by using this formula:

  • Sale Price

    + Closing costs estimated by your lender on the Good Faith Estimate

    + Owner's policy premium (if you elected coverage)

    - Amount you are borrowing

    - Amount of earnest money deposited with Realtor or Seller

    = Approximate Amount Needed

    Using this formula will give you a good estimate of the amount you will need at closing. Any difference (less than $1,000) can be made up in a personal check written by you. Any overage will be refunded right at closing.

  • Homeowner's Insurance - follow your lender's instructions.

    On a single family home most lenders require:

    1. A policy in the amount of the sale price of your property.
    2. A paid receipt for one year's premium on a policy in the amount of the sale price of your property.
    3. A declaration page showing the lender as the lone payee.

    On a condominium most lenders require:

    A declaration page from the insurance carrier on the condominium building where your unit is located showing the lender as the lone payee.

  • Picture ID. (Drivers License)

  • Receipts for any real estate taxes paid within two weeks of closing. If you have special requests for your proceeds, let us know.

  • Registered Land:

    If your property is recorded as Registered Land you will need to the current Original Certificate of Title.

  • Married Individuals:

    Both you and your spouse are required to attend the closing whether your spouse is a guarantor of the Note or not. If your spouse is not a guarantor of the Note they will sign the Mortgage to subordinate Dower interest.