If you are Selling, you will need:

  • A prepared deed to be signed by all parties who own the real estate. If an individual is in title, his or her spouse must sign the deed granting the property to the buyer.

    The deed is presented at closing and can be signed there if all parties are present. If one or more sellers will not attend closing you or your attorney should contact First Title as soon as possible.

  • Your Picture Identification

  • Receipts for any real estate taxes paid within two weeks of closing. If you have special requests for your proceeds, let us know.

  • Registered Land:
    If your property is recorded as Registered Land you will need to the current Original Certificate of Title.

  • Married Individuals:
    Both you and your spouse are required to attend the closing whether your spouse holds title to the property or not. If your spouse does not hold title to the property they will sign the Deed to release Dower interest.